Slade Packing

Manufacturing of Patented Graphite Yarns

Slade manufactures all of its own patented graphite yarns. The advantage is that each individual strand has its own unique core made of high tensile carbon fiber. The graphite yarns are protected by US & EU patents. They were developed to conduct heat like steel alloys, to transfer the heat away from the pump shaft and valve stem.

Sealing the Valve and Pump Stuffing Box

When Slade Foil cut rings are compressed more than 25% and die-formed sealing rings are compressed 15-20% (the denser the better), die-formed density is achieved in the stuffing box. This forms a “heat sink” in the stuffing box, eliminating the need for flush-water to cool the pump shaft sleeve in most applications. In addition, Slade reduces the number of oxidation sites in the packing graphite yarns so that 3300G can be used in more severe temperature and chemical applications than competitor’s packings.

Pump Packings

Slade Packing can help reduce water consumption by reducing or eliminating flush water. Slade Packing is designed to run leak free. Reduce your energy cost with the low friction expanded graphite of Slade Packing.

Valve Packings

Slade can provide you with the right Valve packing for your needs. Reduce inventory costs by use of bulk packing, or by using preformed valve sets. Looking to stand out with exceptional service to your OEM valve.


Slade manufactures flexible and solid gaskets for high temperature, high pressure, and a wide range of chemical applications A Flexible Gasket can make the most difficult jobs, much easier.

Soot Blower Sealing

Slade Soot Blower Seal sets are designed to reduce operating noise, reduce feed tube wear, and out last standard OEM packing sets.

Lantern Rings & Custom Bushings

Slade custom designs cost effective bushings to reduce stuffing box depth in both valves and pumps. As well as custom designed lantern rings for virtually any application.

Installation & Extraction

Make packing installation or extraction, much easier with the proper tools.

2 Years of field testing has proven that 25% of all pulp and paper mill water can be conserved with Slade Foil. Intermech is proud to be able to offer you this fine product. Below you will find a list of all the Slade packing that we carry, including a list of test results conducted on the product, and the application best suited to each.

Slade Foil™ makes conventional packing obsolete. Eliminate Seal Water and stop all leakage’s. No flushing is required.

It must be noted that 96% of all valves packed with Slade have zero emissions and are fire safe. These attributes make this brand of packing the perfect choice for high temperature services. The high temperature capability of Slade Packing has proven petrochemical valve performance in power utility installations.

Intermech has secured sole representation rights for Slade in South Africa and would be pleased to quote you on all your pump and packing requirements. After reading about the products below, please contact us if you require any further information on this incredible product.

Slade 3300C

Slade’s most cost effective pump and valve packing

Reinforcement: Each individual strand of graphite foil is reinforced with high strength structural carbon fiber and no other reinforcements; interlock braid.
Temperature: Non-oxidizers; -400°F / -240°C to 5400°F / 3000°C. Mild Oxidizers to 1800°F / 1000°C
Pressures: Valves to 1,000psi / 70 bar (for higher pressures, consult factory)
Pumps: Flush-free in many services to 4,800 fpm (1,400m/min)
pH Range: 1-14
3300W: Inconel wire reinforced for higher pressures:5,000 psi/350 bar
3300LC: Low chloride, high purity version for nuclear plants

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